Invincible Fire and Wind Wheel- Emerging Sextet Exhibition

Emerging Contemporary Artists Sextet Exhibition

a.m. space
11 September – 20 October 2018
1C, Kingearn Building, 24-26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong Central District, Hong Kong

Meet the Artists
Friday 14 September | 7-8 pm
Friday 28 September | 7-8 pm
Wednesday 10 October | 7-8 pm

Closing Artist Talk
Wednesday 10 October | 6-7pm

a.m. space presents Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel – Emerging Artists Sextet Exhibition. There will be three duo solo gallery exhibitions consecutively from September 11 to October 20.

Artists will experiment freely, demonstrating youth and energy. We handpicked six fresh grad artists who performed excellently in their graduation exhibition. They are Nicole McCorkell, Livy LEUNG Hoi Nga, Glo CHAN Cheuk Yan, Ho Mei Mei from the Hong Kong Baptist University, also Jessie TAM Cheuk Lam and Jacky CHEUNG Tsz Ki from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Each of them dedicate to create a single set of work, developed on top of their graduation projects, in order to give a comprehensive impression and introducing themselves to the audience.

In the first round, from September 11 to 22, you will see the expressive oil paintings by Nicole McCorkell and Livy LEUNG Hoi Nga. McCorkell was awarded The Academy of Visual Art (AVA) Award. Her paintings unleash loads of emotions. She makes use of a second person point of view and mixed media to convey a sense of intimacy. Livy Leung won the Contemporary of Angela Li Art Award as well as the Winsor & Newton Award in 2018. Her work are also deeply emotional. She express sympathy to abstract events. In this exhibition, she establishes monuments for the lost objects in her paintings.

The second round, from September 26 to October 6, features the narrative installations about personal stories by Jessie TAM Cheuk Lam and Glo Chan Cheuk Yan. Tam records her dream sequences and materializes in various forms of installations. Her works are often temporal and crude, yet remain truthful to the unconscious emotion of the artist. In contrast, Chan is more conscious about her living situation. Inspired by the absurdity of life, Chan reflects upon her family hierarchy of power. Exceling in lens based media and printmaking, she records and intervenes in real life through site-specific practices. Round two of the Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel will present the audience with a new spatial impression.

In last round, October 9 to 20, we display the delicate control over image making in the drawing installations by Jacky CHEUNG Tsz Ki and HO Mei Mei. Cheung is highly skilled in different form of printmaking technique. He minimizes the motifs in the images, restraining emotions and emphasizing the existence of the objects. Ho further utilizes the abstract geometric forms to appreciate the beauty of curves. Her obsession of lines enable her to render unique compositions in her paintings and installations. Her compositions of the lines are pure visual experience that transcends words. Cheung and Ho will demonstrate their art practice of emotional repression.


a.m. space
星期五 九月十四日 | 下午七時至八時
星期五 九月廿八日 | 下午七時至八時
星期三 十月十日 | 下午七時至八時

星期三 十月十日 | 下午六時至七時

a.m. space舉行《無敵風火輪》-新晉藝術家六重奏,馬拉松式連續舉行三個雙個展。展期為九月十一日至十月二十日。


Nicole McCorkell
You owe me a balloon
oil and image transfer on canvas
20cm x 20cm
LEUNG Hoi Nga Livy
The final destination of the thing lost
Oil on canvas
80cm x 100cm


Chan Cheuk Yan Glo
Dear Baba
Letter engraved on woodboard, video without sound 
木刻信件, 無聲影片 
Size variable, 10″17″ 2018

Tam Cheuk Lam
Have a sun bath, the sky about to rain
Ink, pencil, charcoal, color pencil on cloth 墨,鉛筆, 炭條, 木顏色布本
180 x 221 cm 2018


yet to be
Mezzotint and aquatint on paper 美柔汀、飛塵,紙本
image 15 x 24 cm frame 31.5 x 41.5 cm
HO Mei Mei
Ink on paper 墨紙本
38cm x 38cm