Our City. Our Vision| Joint Exhibition of Wong Hau Kwei and Fok Wai Chung

Curated by Eliza Lai Mei Lin

3 January 2019 – 19 JANUARY 2019

a.m.space Hong Kong is proud to present Our City. Our Vision,  exhibition of Wong Hau Kwei, Fok Wai Chung The exhibition is the second part of the “Ink Long March Project 2018-2019”.  The two artists will rediscover issues in our city through their artworks.

Wong Hau Kwei (b.1946, Chongqing) graduated from the China Textile University in Shanghai in 1969. He studied painting under the renowned painter Huang Zhou and was deeply influenced by him. Wong moved to Hong Kong in 1978, returning to China briefly as a visiting artist of the Shenzhen Fine Art Institute. He is a board member of the Chinese Painting Institute, Hong Kong.
Wong has received numerous awards for his artistic achievements, including the National Exhibition of Arts in China Award (1999 and 2000), the Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendations, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award (2001 and 2009) and the Hong Kong Achievement Award in Contemporary Art (2012).
 His works have been collected by the China National Museum of Fine Arts, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Shenzhen Art Institute, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Chinese Painting Institute, and others.

Fok Wai Chung, Chantal was born in Hong Kong in 1989. Fok is a fine Arts graduate in The Chinese University of Hong Kong with First-Class Honours Degree in 2014. In obsessed with Tibetan Buddhism history and art, Fok went to study Thangka painting in Shangri-La and Nepal after graduated. In years of studying Chinese fine line painting and learning traditional Thangka skill, her works are the combination of the colour adoption, structure and conception with her studies, and create a new point of view to reflect the contemporary social issues.

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