Dusty Stage Rhapsody | LEUNG Wing Hong solo exhibition


Dusty Stage Rhapsody

a.m. space |  10 May ﹣16 June  | solo exhibition of LEUNG Wing Hong

10 May | Artist Talk 6-7pm | Opening Reception 7-8pm

Suits, hill landscape, window, obscurity and order have always been the motifs of LEUNG Wing Hong’s painting.  In the exhibition, Leung creates mise-en-scène to bring us into the realm of the night.  Every painting non-verbally tells us an uncanny story after dark.  The artist revisits his constellation of symbolism and reinvent them to create new narratives.  The series of works have a layer of dramatic playfulness on top of the upsetting and lonesome compositions.

“Dust Stage Rhapsody” is the third solo exhibition of LEUNG Wing Hong after “Permutation” and “Coordinate Mapping”.  The previous exhibition reaffirm the role of storyteller for LEUNG.   He dedicates this body of works to turn the canvas into a stage.  Characters is still the center of his creativity.  He creates characters for a “story”.  The characters are thrown into the stage of the painting. Thus plots can start at this point.

This series of work explore the autonomy of human being.  In Ancient Chinese mythology, human race was made with yellow earth.   At the moment of birth, we are thrown into different stages.  After that, we encounter the randomness of the universe without a clue of the essence of the world.  The development of the plot cannot be interrupted by the characters.  Nobody can unveil the meaning of the existence of them.  There is only emptiness awaits them.  The absence of the meaning exasperates us.  The only way to levitate us is to alienate from our own situation and explore the stories of others, in hope of having a glimpse of a flash of aura.

Artist Talk

10 May |  6:00-7:00pm  | a.m.space

Guest Speaker: Wong Chun Hei

Opening Reception

10 May |  7:00-8:00pm  | a.m.space

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LEUNG Wing Hong

Leung Wing Hong was born in Guangdong, China in 1991. He moved to Hong Kong in the next year. After graduated from Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014, he continues to paint in his studio in Kwai Chung.

He focuses on painting with a desire to express the discoveries from his daily observation on urban life. Being curious about the world surrounding him, he has always kept on looking and contemplating at the matters appearing around himself as if everything appears for some reasons and he is looking for the hints derived from them.

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a.m. space  |  5月10日﹣6月16日  |  梁詠康個展

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5月10日  |  6:00-7:00pm  | a.m.space

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