Art021 Shanghai 2018

Duo exhibition
CHANG Huei-Ming 張暉明
LIAO Chi-Yu 廖祈羽

8 – 11 November, 2018
P06, Shanghai Exhibition Centre
Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2018

a.m. space proudly presents Loveseat, Garden Restaurant—Duo exhibition by CHANG Huei-Ming & LIAO Chi-Yu in Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2018.

Upon entering the house, concrete Roman columns, embossed trim and jacquard lampshade are seen. If fortunate enough, there will also be mural imitation of the Versailles and shimmering chandeliers. Food is of course Western. Its texture and appearance are quite strange. This is a dining experience of a foreign country. However… why is there no garden in this ‘Garden Restaurant’ in the city?

CHANG Huei-Ming and LIAO Chi-Yu are a couple in life and partners at work. They have overlapped daily life and work environments, and they support each other. But they have their own subject matters in work and contrasting characters. Hardly do they exhibit together. In this modest duo exhibition, a complete viewing experience that shows the two artists’ independence is created. It becomes an interesting part of the exhibition model and discussion process.

‘Garden Restaurant’ was very popular in Taiwan back in the 80s. It reflected an unfamiliar and distant ideal imagination of people. For CHANG and LIAO, this shared memory and experience is perhaps an appropriation of image. It shall be elaborated for the rough but stimulating paradigm of imaginative space of a foreign place for the public. In this exhibition, CHANG will show a series of object imitations made with 3D technology. They transform between materials and forms in an infinite loop in their respective videos. Due to a space independent of reality, projection of people’s desires are made stereoscopic further. LIAO, on the other hand, uses preparation materials of past video works, namely storyboards, as the blueprint of a series of paintings. Desire and accident exist within her work. The scenes in the paintings also show the nervousness and absurdity of life between virtual and real.

About the artists

CHANG Huei-Ming mainly created kinetic installation in the past. Recently, he extends his practice to creating many video works. Through a clean and cold style of image narration, the confusing feeling of the limits and inter-comparisons of time and life are described. He was invited recently to participate in large-scale international exhibitions such as Asia Triennial Manchester. As a recipient of the Taipei Arts Award, his works are much followed. At the same time of the solo exhibition (22-26 March) by invitation of a.m. space, he will show many brand new video and installation works at booth 1C49 in Art Basel Hong Kong 2016.

LIAO Chi-Yu mainly dressed up in costumes and created videos in her early works. Through thorough external and self- observation, the conflict between goodness of life and violence everywhere is delicately described. Memory is where imagination and creation reside. Her works are widely exhibited locally and aboard. ‘Sanssouci Park’ (a.m. space, 2015) is a recent highlight solo exhibition.

情人雅座 花園餐廳

張暉明 廖祈羽雙人展

我們很高興宣佈a.m. space將會在2018 ART021 上海藝術博覽會展出情人雅座 花園餐廳— 張暉明 廖祈羽雙人展。





張暉明過去作品則以動力裝置為主,近期從裝置延伸製作大量錄像作品,透過簡潔、冷冽的影像敘事風格,描述時間與生命有限兩相對照的困頓之感。近期受邀曼徹斯特亞洲三年展等大型國際展覽,早期獲台北美術獎等多項肯定後,作品備受關注。個展同期間(3月22日-26日)受 a.m. space 空間之邀,於 Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 展位1C49展出多件全新錄像與裝置作品。

早期創作以本人扮裝、錄像為主的廖祈羽,透過對外在及自我的深刻觀察,細膩描述生命中美好與暴力無所不在的衝突,而記憶是想像與創造的棲所。其作品廣泛受邀國內外展覽,近期以「忘憂公園」(a.m. space, 2015)為個展代表作。