maybe someday it will be true| CHENG Hung solo exhibition

17 August – 9 September 2018

a.m. space is proud to present the debut solo exhibition of CHENG Hung in Hong Kong.  In the previous year, she exhibited in Kaohsiung and partook in the artist residency in Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei.  Hong Kong audiences finally have a chance to know Cheng’s artworks now.  In this exhibition, we can appreciate her manipulations of space, charcoal, canvas and light.  We will be immersed in the poetics of space in CHENG Hung’s artworks.

The exhibition will be from 17 August to 9 September.  There will be an artist talk at 6pm on 17 Aug (Friday).  We have invited Prof. Tam Wai Ping, Lukas, to be our guest speaker.  The Opening reception will be held at 7pm.


Being an flâneur, Cheng Hung is proficient in exploring every corner in the urban city for locations for gasping for breath.  She captures the cityscape with minimal compositions.  Her works focus on the intermediate between empty spaces and personal places.  With the technique of subtraction, Cheng develops aesthetics of the nocturnal city.  The lights and shadows become the protagonists of the story in her charcoal installations.  In the old studio in Kwai Chung and At the bus stop of going back depict the personal impression of Hong Kong of the artist.  The monochromatic and geometric cityscapes express the solitude and alienation of the corner of the city.


At the floor right before rooftop and At the building outside of the window further minimises the cityscape to abstract geometric shapes.  The hidden scenes imply a mysticism that cohere with the artist statement of Cheng Hung,’ I wish to find the escape of the urban life, however slight the chance of success will be.’


We will also show the installation works of Cheng Hung.  Three of them represent the past, the present and the future of her methodology.  She projects found old films onto her artists book in In the film under my bed, transforming the old image into her own works of art.  She is not afraid to expose her inspirations and stream of thought to the public.  In the box is an artificial space resembling her charcoal works on canvas.  The temporal interaction between the light and the audience demands the instant reaction and the present of the audience.  Finally, Quiet hollow is a combination of a charcoal drawing and found object, creating a spatial metaphor and indicating an entrance to the utopia.


About the Artist 
CHENG Hung was born in Hong Kong in 1993. She graduated with the Degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Major in Fine Arts). Her works were exhibited in Art Kaohsiung 2017. She was awarded Fresh Trend Art Award and Grotto Fine Art’s Creative Award in 2017. She completed the artist residency program in Treasure Hill Artist Village in 2018.
Cheng Hung hopes to find a shortcut to escape the city. She believes in things even if she had never seen before. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, she is willing to believe in the tiniest possibility. She always makes things up. For example: she once said she will disappear from this place after she pass the road sign on her daily route back home someday. After telling her friends several times, she has developed a strong faith in that idea that she will eventually escape from this reality.



a.m. space 呈獻鄭虹首個香港個展 。過去一年鄭虹作品於高雄展出後,隨即駐村台北寶藏巖國際藝術村 。是次展覽將她的作品帶回香港讓大家認識。她掌握空間﹑碳粉﹑畫布﹑光影,讓觀眾直接在作品中感受空間的詩意。

展期自 八月十七日至九月六日,開幕日八月十七日將於六至七時舉行藝術家講座,邀請到譚偉平教授對談,七至八時將會舉行開幕酒會 。

鄭虹是個都市的漫遊者。她熟習城市的角落尋覓自己呼吸的空間。以極簡的構圖,將都市風景記錄下來。她的作品聚焦在充滿個人情感的地點,透過減去法發掘出城市在黑夜中的美感。在作品中,光和影在建築物上的交錯成為了主角。《在葵涌的舊工作室》和《在回去的巴士站旁》描繪了藝術家眼中的香港印象 ,黑白和幾何的構圖顯示出這個城市的幽靜和陌生感。

《在到天台前的頂樓》和 《在車窗外的大樓》將風景進一步簡化成為幾乎純粹的抽象幾何圖形。隱約的風景隱含了神秘性,一如她的藝術家自白中宣言「希望在都市中尋找出口,即使機會多麼渺茫。」


鄭虹生於1993年,畢業於香港中文大學(文學士),主修藝術。作品於高雄藝博2017展出。2017年獲得出爐藝術新秀獎和嘉圖創作獎。2018年參與寶藏巖國際藝術村駐留計劃。鄭虹希望在城市中找到可以逃離的捷徑。她相信沒有親眼所見的事,就算聽起來很荒謬,也願意去相信飄渺的可能性。她常常捏造一些奇怪的事情,例如 :有一天穿過回家路上的路牌後,她就會消失去了別的地方,反覆跟朋友說了幾遍後,連自己都相信了。

Artist Talk 藝術家座談

Artist Talk (Guest Speaker: Prof. Tam Wai Ping, Lukas):藝術家座談( 與談嘉賓:譚偉平教授)
Friday 17 August | 6-7pm星期五 八月十七日 | 下午六時至七時
Opening Reception:開幕酒會
Friday 17 August | 7-8 pm星期五 八月十七日 | 下午七時至八時
1C, Kingearn Building, 24-26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong Central District, Hong Kong中環鴨巴甸街24-26號興揚大廈1C室