Wall/ Just Play the Game | LIO Sze Mei, Poon Mei Yee Dual Solo exhibition

LIO Sze Mei, POON Mei Yee duo solo exhibition

 27 July – 10 August 2018

Opening Reception

Friday 27 July | 6-8 pm


1C, Kingearn Building, 24-26 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong Central District, Hong Kong

The two artists develop their crafts on mixed media after graduating from Hong Kong Baptist University.  Wall/ Just Play the Game features monochromatic scenery and figure drawings by Lio Sze Mei and abstract collage from Poon Mei Yee.  They explore on different levels of abstraction.  The exhibition will be from 27 July to 10 August

LIO Sze Mei has latently worked for three years, experimenting with ink, charcoal and pastel to create story and a secrete landscape.  Her major motifs of works are disappearance and oblivion. This is the first time she collaborate with a.m. space to exhibit drawings inspired by the story of Peter Pan.  In Peter Pan: The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, written by James Matthew Barrie,  Peter Pan is a child who never grows up.  He brings other children that are reluctant to grow to Neverland to be his friends.  The children stop growing up in Neverland and stays with Peter Pan forever.  Once the children want to grow up, Peter Pan will kill them off.  Those children will wake up from their dream, and further losing their ability to dream again and imagine.  Finally, they will become an uninteresting grown-ups.  The drawings of Lio depict a monochromatic version of Neverland where the characters on the island is on the verge of disappearance.  Lio treats the story of Peter Pan as an interpretation of dreams and feels connected to the melancholy of adolescence.  The distinctive black and white treatments make papers and canvases of her works look like documentational photos of a dystopia.  The mono color tone fills the canvas with a sense of calmness, tranquility and timelessness.

It is the second time that POON Mei Yee collaborates with a.m. space since Wandering in 2016.  Poon Mei Yee is interested in collecting daily objects with the imprint of time. She incorporates the technique of drawing and collage to explore the relationship between painting and found-object. The objective elements are replaced with the deconstruction of images.  Her instinctive approach effects on the composition unexpectedly.  In her work Through the Other Sides, not only is the colors of the composition sharp and eye-catching, but the physicality of the found-material is glorified.  Her collages have a strong sense of presence.

Lio Sze Mei, May (born 1994) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2016. She works mainly with drawing and painting, and predominantly uses ink, charcoal and pastel to illustrate her landscapes and narrative. She repeatedly applies layers of ink and charcoal on the canvas, each at the same time destroys the old layers and creates a new layer. The blurry results and the mono color tone fill the canvas with a sense of calmness, tranquility and timelessness.

Poon Mei Yee (born 1994) lives and works in Hong Kong. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Visual Arts degree from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2016. She works in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, collage and photography. She is especially interested in collecting different kinds of daily objects with unique marks after the passage of time. She currently tends to delve into the relationship between ready-made objects and painting in different ways. Her works were exhibited in Hong Kong, Germany, Thailand and India, including local art fair and gallery.







星期五 七月廿八日 | 下午六時至八時


兩位藝術家都畢業於香港浸會大學,各自致力於平面混合媒介。 是次展覽展出潘美義的抽象拼貼畫和廖詩薇的黑白風景人物畫。碰撞出抽象/半抽象的可能性。展期自七月廿七日至八月十日,開幕酒會將於七月廿七日晚上6-8時舉行。

這次是廖詩薇和a.m. space 的首次合作。蘊釀三年,廖詩薇堅持以墨水,木炭和粉彩作為主要媒介。靈感來自小飛俠彼得潘的故事,創作出富有神秘色彩的想像世界。創作意念來自初版《彼得潘:不會長大的男孩》(Peter Pan: The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up),James Matthew Barrie 著。 故事中的彼得潘是個不會長大的孩子,他把不想長大的孩子帶到夢幻島去,作為朋友,從此永遠不會長大,永遠陪伴他。彼得潘會殺掉在島上想長大的孩子,孩子會從長夢中醒來,再也不會作夢,失去夢和想像力,成為沒趣的大人。她的作品圍繞消失和遺忘,人物在朦朧中反覆出現和消逝,讓人感到淡淡的鄉愁。黑白的構圖像來自異質空間的照片,窺探這個外人不得擅進的空間。藝術家控製混合媒材層層堆疊起相片般的粒感。

潘美義自2016年《Wandering》 再一次和a.m. space 合作。今次她完全放棄具像元素,以舊物作直觀的拼貼。再自拼貼的圖像刺激而改變構圖。拼貼的材料有汽水蓋﹑紙皮和舊書。在作品Through the Other Sides中,紅色的版塊幾呈現了奪目的焦點,亦強調物料自身無法複製的物理性。她借用不同物料,重奪平面作品的現場感和話語權。

廖詩薇 (b.1994) 於2016年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院。現時主要以繪畫創作為主。 藝術家主要使用墨水,炭條和乾粉彩繪畫故事和風景,用墨水和炭條實驗在畫布上,作品上模糊的效果和單色調為作品帶來平靜,寧靜和永恆的感覺。

潘美義(b.1994)於香港生活和工作,在2016年取得香港浸會大學視覺藝術文學士。其創作媒介不限,當中包括素描、繪畫、拼貼和攝影等。她喜歡蒐集被時間磨蝕過以後遺留下獨特印痕的日常物件,近來嘗試以多種面向和手法去探討現成物和繪畫的關係。作品曾於香港、德 國、泰國和印度參展,當中包拾本地藝術博覽及私人畫廊。